Welcome to Consciously Connected Village

We're so glad you are here!

We bring together growth and holistically minded people with a relationship challenge, including parents, individuals of all ages and life stages, and professionals. Together, we co-create healing experiences so that we can create healthier relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.

  • In the Consciously Connected Village, we will take on the exploration of healthy relationships and what those look and feel like in interactions we have together. The only way to heal relationships is to be in relationships. And everyone needs permission to navigate those relationships at their own comfort level, at their own pace, with permission to be exactly where they are in the moment.

  • We're creating this space together every single day for co-regulation, authentic connection, and transformation of ourselves and each other.

  • There's no better place to support your own personal healing than in a supportive community of others who are looking to do the same.

  • Maybe you're drawn to this community because you have a relationship you'd like to heal. Maybe that relationship is with yourself, your parent, your partner, a friend, your child (no matter how old they are).

  • Maybe you want to be a better parent (no matter how old your child is) and want support so that parenting can truly become a growth opportunity for you to heal your own inner child.

  • Perhaps you're drawn to this community because you think differently than others you know and you long for a space you can be your authentic self. You may have considered alternative birthing practices (like out of hospital birth), practiced responsive parenting, or maybe you are more likely to look for an herb or homeopathy when you're not feeling well.

  • Or you may just know that deeper connection, peace, ease, and authenticity are possible for yourself and your life, but you don't know how to get there on your own.

  • You may be a parent or an individual who wants to understand your own experiences of being parented, whether you have children of your own or not.

  • This is an inclusive community and we welcome people of all ages and life stages, for otherwise it wouldn't be a village.

In the Consciously Connected Village, we've made listening to one another deeply a high priority and value for our time together. We are listening each other into being.

16 years of Growing and Learning

What began as The Consciously Parenting Project focusing exclusively on parents has grown and blossomed into a village for people at all life stages. When our founder, Rebecca Thompson Hitt, was working on her first set of books, her editor, who is not a parent, said something profound. "As a non-parent, I can see how these ideas apply in my own life and are life changing for me. I can also see how I can be a better Auntie to my sister's children and a better support to her because I can see what's needed to raise emotionally healthy families and how I can help with that!"
Indeed, and I'm sure it not only helped her sister and her children, but helped my editor grow as a human herself!
As The Consciously Parenting Project grew up and many of the original families had children grow into adulthood, including Rebecca's own children, the project has also grown. People who aren't parents came and wanted to learn what was being shared here, too. Young adults who grew up with Consciously Parenting as a resource to their parents wanted to learn some of their own tools to navigate their ups and downs in a ways that are deeply respectful of themselves and their own journey.
The reality is that our best versions of ourselves aren't something we can do on our own or by reading a book. (If it were only that easy!!) We need a consciously connected community willing to grow and change with us, to be responsive to our needs and feelings, and have experiences together that change us all for the better. 

The Power of Our Shared Vision

What if you had people in your life who could help to nurture and grow each other up in the ways your parents didn't know how to support you? What if people in your day-to-day life could also be part of this community so that you have people in your in-person world who also understand how to be in healthy connection with you and your loved ones? And have support outside of you to learn skills and have growth experiences you aren't facilitating?

Maybe you're the one who goes out and learns new things in your family and it would be so nice to have someone else who can gently help to guide your partner, your mother or father, your child's caregiver, your teen or adult child, your sister, or your best friend. 

This is the power of our village, both online and in person.

If your people are willing to learn and grow with you, we've got you!

Growth and Learning Opportunities

One key aspect of our community that sets it apart are the endless opportunities for growth and learning. We believe in empowering our members by providing them skills and knowledge that are not only valuable for their personal and professional lives but also beneficial for the community as a whole.

  1. Monthly themes all centered around growing, healing, integrating experiences that you can apply at any life stage.

  2. Our weekly skills walk you through the ARCH of healing, Rebecca Thompson Hitt's process for healing your relationship with yourself and with others in your life, based on her 4th book, It's Never too Late to Heal.

  3. Daily opportunities to interact, connect, and grow with other members. You'll have opportunities to share and to listen to each other.

  4. We'll also have live call opportunities to connect with each other, including themed workshops that are included in our basic village community.

These opportunities are deeply seated within the fabric of our community, ensuring that we continue to evolve and grow, together, over time.

Upcoming monthly themes:

December: Transitions and Milestones-- How do our early life imprints show up at transitions and milestones? How can we work with them at these times? (Kindergarten and college, or getting out of the house or into bed at night, these are important patterns to understand about ourselves and our loved ones.)